Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Gorge delivers!

I have to admit - when I arrived on Friday, the forecast didn't look all that good. They were calling for Easterlies on Saturday, and light westerlies Sunday, etc. But early Saturday morning, Temira called and exclaimed "Its 25 at Hatch!". I didn't believe her. Not one bit. A quick check of the HatchCam and I was shaken back to reality as it was a solid 25-27 and building. That was four days ago - the past 3 days I've been overpowered on a 3.7 every day.

Shot a lot of video, but we've been sailing too much to get through it all. This is from Monday (yesterday) at Arlington. Enjoy!



Catapulting Aaron said...


Am I allowed to use the term "raging boner" on your comments section?

rathokan said...

sick footage, dave. who's that on the old Naish sail? Nathon Mershon? Super smooth style.... I like.

Sam Bittner said...

who's the hottie riding the OES?

frank said...

nothing beats an epic day like this.
you Gorge river rippers rule :)

Anonymous said...

Great video, looks like they landed a lot of the loops.


Fish said...

Can't say for sure, but I think that is Jake Miller on the new 2010 Goya Eclipse... and later Whit Poor on the Simmer. Not sure who is on the Ezzy or Hot.
Sweet action! My buddy is there right now = severe jealousy. Maybe next year.

David said...

Yeah, thats Nathon on the Naish. Russ is on the OES and yes - Jake is on the 2010 Eclipse. Super sweet sail. Oh - Mitch was on the Hot sail.

We have a much needed break in the wind today as everyone is beat from 4 days of rockin sailing.

Anonymous said...

Sweet surfing! Bad Spokane rock.