Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday's Hookipa video

I shot this prior to the webcast on Friday. Of note - Josh Stone on the red Goya sail. Seriously, Josh rips. I've had a few sesh's with Josh on the Cali coast and one things for certain - no matter where Josh is - he rips. Period. And even if the day totally sucks, he's smiling. After all, even when you think things suck, its still an amazing life we lead.

Today (Saturday) was kinda funny. I was late to the webcast due to the fact that I didn't wanna come in as I was having way too much fun sailing with Jake and Pascal.... Anyway, I did go in, and get the webcast set up - and the wind backed off (as you all saw on the webcast) but while I was dealing with technical issues with the webcast, I noticed GP on the webcast chat. "Damn," I thought ... "Why the hell isn't he here?" 10 minutes later GP shows up and says, "I wasn't sure about going to Hookipa, then I saw the webcast and so-and-so was ripping and I bailed and drove here ASAP" ... or something like that. Anyway - it was cool that the webcast got GP to come out and rip it up. ;-)

Enjoy Friday's video. The next few days are gonna be amazing.

Friday's webcast archive is here.

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k3nny said...

MAN, this is so cool, we heard about that webcam on the spot of hokipa in france, and at this time i thought it would be a crapy low quality fixed video... a webcam !!!
but if it is so good in fact ! man it's amazing, can you continue to record it ???
because with the time difference between you and us, we can't really follow up !!!

thank you a lot and keep it up !!

cheer from france, where the wind is off sinceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee toooo long !!!