Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jump Off Video Update

We had almost 400 people at Arlington watching the Jump Off competitors tear it up in their evening session yesterday! Actually there were only a handful of people actually there watching, the other 346 were tuning in to the livecast on from around the globe.

After a bit of waiting, a few false starts and a fickle wind, our Jump Off competitors were able to get a decent session yesterday evening. Special thanks to our livecast viewers for their patience as we all waited for the wind to cooperate. (especially the folks from Europe!)

There are seven days left for our competitors to rack up more jumps before they turn in all they're backpacks. Then we'll all hook up at the awards party on July 10 at the Waucoma Club.

Monday, June 28, 2010

ALERT! Gorge Webcast

UPDATE - Webcast from Arlington today at 3pm PST. Click here to tune in!

Conditions are setting up for a big day tomorrow (Tuesday) in the Gorge and the crew will be headed east from Hood River to chase down the wind and webcast some of the insane action for ya! Tune in to on Tuesday - we'll be announcing the location and time for the webcast here, on our Facebook page and also on

We're just kicking off the Team Edition of the EpicSessions/Shadowbox Jump Off series today and the Gorge will be delivering awesome conditions today in the corridor (Swell/Hatch) for the teams. Check out Temira's forecasts to get the daily Gorge forecast low-down!

What is the Team Edition Jump Off you ask? Take our same simple formula of highest jumps, but throw in TEN metrics instead of two and pair 12 awesome sailors into six teams of two. We give them each a backpack full of all the gear needed to record their sessions and give them 10 days to go and rack up the biggest and baddest jumps, crashes and antics. Then we'll all meet on the evening of July 10 at the Waukoma Club (the old River City) and party like rockstars as we award the teams based on the ten metrics, and also team combined awards. We'll also be webcasting the party and having some viewer choice awards so you can participate with the crowd at the party in voting for the sickest moves!

Still not sure? Just watch Casey and Jake explain it all.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pistol River Jump Off Results and Video!

Wow, what a place! Amazing conditions, beautiful scenery and friendly people. What more could you ask for in a remote windsurfing destination? Pistol River, located just south of Gold Beach, Oregon is a truly awesome location for the die hard wavesailor who doesn't mind going down the line on a 3.2. Yes, it really cranks in Pistol. ;-)

We held the Pistol River Jump Off in conjunction with the Pistol River Wave Bash from June 17-20, and once the final between Kevin and Francisco was over, we released the first heat of Jump Off riders after quickly putting Shadowboxes and GoPro's on Keith and Francisco's gear. (someone likened us to a NASCAR pit crew with the equipment swaps between riders)

We did two 20 minute heats of 7 riders per heat and took the highest stock and inverted air jumps from those heats to determine the winner after confirming that the rider sailed away from the jump(s) in order for those jumps to count.

Its interesting to note that in the Hookipa event, the stock airs were higher than the backloops, but in this event, the inverts were higher than the stock airs. Take note competitors of future jump offs - good strategy will be needed to hit the highest airs!

Special thanks to Richard Hallman for his awesome photography, and the Oregon Surf Shop for the Jet Ski and driver for Richard.

Tyson Poor takes the top Jump Off spot with his 30.8 foot backloop. UK sailing sensation Timo Mullen was sticking everything he tossed and jumped into second place and beat out the amazing style of Francisco Goya by only 5 inches!

2010 Pistol River Jump Off Official Results


1) Tyson Poor- 30.8ft

2) Timo Mullen- 28.5ft

3) Francisco Goya- 28 ft

4) Nathan Mershon- 27.8ft

5) Kevin Pritchard- 27.5 ft

6) Whit Poor- 27.3ft

7) Jesse Brown- 24.8 ft (Pushloop)

8) Kevin McGillivray- 21.7ft (Pushloop)

9) Russ Faurot- 21.1ft

10) Zane Schweitzer- 20.3 ft (Pushloop)

11) Skyler- 19.9 (Cheese Roll)

12) Sven Esslinger- 19.4 ft

13) Diego- 11.8ft (Forward)


1) Tyson- 26.3

2) Timo- 25

3) Kevin Pritchard- 24.3

4) Kev Mc- 20.9

5) Jesse Brown- 19.6

6) Nathan- 17.8

6) Russ- 17.8

8) Whit- 17.6

9) Sven- 17.4

10) Skyler- 17.1

11) Cisco- 15.2

The Jump Off contests are a collaboration between and Shadowbox. On the team you've got myself and Jake Miller. On the Shadowbox side there's Casey Hauser. We're in the Gorge this summer and getting ready to launch the Jump Off Team Edition which will run from June 28-July 7. After the event, we'll be throwing a do-not-miss awards party on the evening of July 10. There will also be more individual Jump Off events this summer, so stay tuned here, on our Facebook Page (search for EpicSessions) or on Want to see how high YOU can go? Visit Shadowbox and order your own Shadowbox today!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Pistol River EpicSessions/Shadowbox Jump Off

Date : June 18-20 in conjunction with the Pistol River Wave Bash

Registration : Online registration is closed, on-site registration will be daily at the vehicle (its got logos on it so you won't miss it) in the Pistol River parking lot. Entrance fees are $25 per rider, payable in cash only. (same for the bribes)

Classes : Men, Women. (Minimum 3 riders to create a class.)

Schedule : Elimination heats will run with 5 riders, with the rider with the highest jumping metrics moving on to the next round. First heats will be on Friday, weather permitting.

Metrics - (1) Highest back loop (landed), (2) highest forward loop (landed) and highest stock air (landed). Determination of landing for jump qualification will be done by the Shadowbox/ on site staff. (so keep your bribes handy!) Women's class will consist of highest stock air only.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

When in the gorge... need to check out Temira's forecasts. She's got a sixth sense when it comes to wind, and when there's no wind, she's got 20+ other things you can do while your windsurfing gear dries out on a windless day.

If you happen across Temira while out sailing, she's easy to spot with her custom painted helmet, super stoked smile and her Hot sails are usually in some sort of contorted attitude of re-entry.

Her website, TheGorgeIsMyGym is a great guide for all things to do, see, stay and eat while you're in the Gorge. We'll be working with Temira on integrating her forecasts into the EpicSessions/Shadowbox Gorge Jump Off website so you'll know where to go and also we'll be keeping track of the teams daily as to where they're sailing. (unless they hit some super secret spot, then we'll put them into stealth mode).

Thanks to Temira, you have no more excuses to be well rested.

Friday, June 4, 2010

2010 Jump Off Series announcement

Hey folks, we're pleased to announce the 2010 Jump Off Series!

The format is simple, the action is insane and the parties are epic. (what more do you need?)

The first mainland event will be held in conjunction with the Pistol River Wave Bash June 17-20 at Gold Beach. Competitors will compete in elimination heats for three measured metrics, 1) highest stock air, 2) highest forward loop and 3) highest backloop. Jumps must be landed to count.

The second event will be held in the Gorge between June 28 to July 7. This is a Team Edition event with six teams of two riders getting the biggest and sickest air based on 10 metrics over the ten day even with the awards party on July 10th. Each team will have a backpack with Shadowbox units, GoPro cameras, HD video cameras and all the supporting gear needed to record their epic sessions over the ten days.

Award Metrics

1. Highest Jump (vertical) $100
2. Longest Jump (horizontal) $100
3. Highest Forward $100
4. Highest Backloop $100
5. Highest push loop $100
6. Highest shoveit $100
7. Fastest rotation - push or forward $100
8. Fastest double loop $100
9. Highest Shaka $100
10. Highest G loading impact $100

Best of all, you'll be able to follow the teams on the website with daily updates, sms alerts and live video from the action as it happens on select (ie., totally sick) days. The event party on July 10th is the party of the summer with sick video, tunes and entertainment.

The third Jump Off is for August in the SF Bay Area, followed by Sylt in September and then our second Maui Jump Off event in October. So stay tuned!

You can register for the events on the website in the short term until the new website is ready. We're all stoked to see everyone at Pistol in two weeks!!