Saturday, June 12, 2010

When in the gorge... need to check out Temira's forecasts. She's got a sixth sense when it comes to wind, and when there's no wind, she's got 20+ other things you can do while your windsurfing gear dries out on a windless day.

If you happen across Temira while out sailing, she's easy to spot with her custom painted helmet, super stoked smile and her Hot sails are usually in some sort of contorted attitude of re-entry.

Her website, TheGorgeIsMyGym is a great guide for all things to do, see, stay and eat while you're in the Gorge. We'll be working with Temira on integrating her forecasts into the EpicSessions/Shadowbox Gorge Jump Off website so you'll know where to go and also we'll be keeping track of the teams daily as to where they're sailing. (unless they hit some super secret spot, then we'll put them into stealth mode).

Thanks to Temira, you have no more excuses to be well rested.

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