Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Pistol River EpicSessions/Shadowbox Jump Off

Date : June 18-20 in conjunction with the Pistol River Wave Bash

Registration : Online registration is closed, on-site registration will be daily at the EpicSessions.tv vehicle (its got logos on it so you won't miss it) in the Pistol River parking lot. Entrance fees are $25 per rider, payable in cash only. (same for the bribes)

Classes : Men, Women. (Minimum 3 riders to create a class.)

Schedule : Elimination heats will run with 5 riders, with the rider with the highest jumping metrics moving on to the next round. First heats will be on Friday, weather permitting.

Metrics - (1) Highest back loop (landed), (2) highest forward loop (landed) and highest stock air (landed). Determination of landing for jump qualification will be done by the Shadowbox/EpicSessions.tv on site staff. (so keep your bribes handy!) Women's class will consist of highest stock air only.

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