Friday, June 4, 2010

2010 Jump Off Series announcement

Hey folks, we're pleased to announce the 2010 Jump Off Series!

The format is simple, the action is insane and the parties are epic. (what more do you need?)

The first mainland event will be held in conjunction with the Pistol River Wave Bash June 17-20 at Gold Beach. Competitors will compete in elimination heats for three measured metrics, 1) highest stock air, 2) highest forward loop and 3) highest backloop. Jumps must be landed to count.

The second event will be held in the Gorge between June 28 to July 7. This is a Team Edition event with six teams of two riders getting the biggest and sickest air based on 10 metrics over the ten day even with the awards party on July 10th. Each team will have a backpack with Shadowbox units, GoPro cameras, HD video cameras and all the supporting gear needed to record their epic sessions over the ten days.

Award Metrics

1. Highest Jump (vertical) $100
2. Longest Jump (horizontal) $100
3. Highest Forward $100
4. Highest Backloop $100
5. Highest push loop $100
6. Highest shoveit $100
7. Fastest rotation - push or forward $100
8. Fastest double loop $100
9. Highest Shaka $100
10. Highest G loading impact $100

Best of all, you'll be able to follow the teams on the website with daily updates, sms alerts and live video from the action as it happens on select (ie., totally sick) days. The event party on July 10th is the party of the summer with sick video, tunes and entertainment.

The third Jump Off is for August in the SF Bay Area, followed by Sylt in September and then our second Maui Jump Off event in October. So stay tuned!

You can register for the events on the website in the short term until the new website is ready. We're all stoked to see everyone at Pistol in two weeks!!


Anonymous said...

My money is on Dale Cook and whoever happens to partner with him for the Gorge contest!

Anonymous said...

I don't know of anyone who is featured as prominently for jumping as Dale Cook. He was in a sailworks ad recently in Windsurfing Mag

David said...

Its gonna be game on! We're judging for more than just height, so Dale doesn't have a lock on the contest more than one of the freestyle wizards does. It should prove to provide some interesting results to say the least! ;-)