Monday, June 28, 2010

ALERT! Gorge Webcast

UPDATE - Webcast from Arlington today at 3pm PST. Click here to tune in!

Conditions are setting up for a big day tomorrow (Tuesday) in the Gorge and the crew will be headed east from Hood River to chase down the wind and webcast some of the insane action for ya! Tune in to on Tuesday - we'll be announcing the location and time for the webcast here, on our Facebook page and also on

We're just kicking off the Team Edition of the EpicSessions/Shadowbox Jump Off series today and the Gorge will be delivering awesome conditions today in the corridor (Swell/Hatch) for the teams. Check out Temira's forecasts to get the daily Gorge forecast low-down!

What is the Team Edition Jump Off you ask? Take our same simple formula of highest jumps, but throw in TEN metrics instead of two and pair 12 awesome sailors into six teams of two. We give them each a backpack full of all the gear needed to record their sessions and give them 10 days to go and rack up the biggest and baddest jumps, crashes and antics. Then we'll all meet on the evening of July 10 at the Waukoma Club (the old River City) and party like rockstars as we award the teams based on the ten metrics, and also team combined awards. We'll also be webcasting the party and having some viewer choice awards so you can participate with the crowd at the party in voting for the sickest moves!

Still not sure? Just watch Casey and Jake explain it all.


Brian Miller said...

Super cool! Who are the teams?

Temira said...

I have to disagree with the forecast. No "big day" tomorrow... No big days until the upper level low clears from the Oregon coast.

David said...

Oh, did that low settle in?

Andrew said...

should be windy, just maybe not epic - 20-30.