Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GoPro HD footage

GoPro is finalizing its much anticipated HD version of its popular wide angle action sports cameras and has released a video and some info about the HD Wide camera system.

A few notes :

- 30fps at the full 1080p
- 60fps mode at 720p
- 720p footage is recorded at 170 degrees wide
- 1080p footage is recorded at 127 degrees wide
- much (!) improved audio

Check out the HD action here.

Sure would be nice to have one for the upcoming Maui board tests in two weeks... ;-)


Catapulting Aaron said...


David said...

Can you imagine how cool your wipeouts will look in HD?!? Plus, if you get attacked by a shark, we'll get to see all the gory details! Sweet!

Brian S said...

What's with da knee?

David said...

The knee isn't happy due 41 years of hammering on it. Grrrr....

Waterturtle said...

I begged and pleaded for one of those for our OBX trip and was told none were available yet...and all early field trial units were taken. Would loved to have had one here.