Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jaws Webcast success!

I'd like to thank everyone for not only tuning in to the 4 hour webcast today, but also for your patience as we dealt messed with settings, etc. in order to make the webcast viewing as smooth and high resolution as possible. From what we can tell, this was the first ever webcast from Jaws, and its not gonna be the last!

We had viewers from around the globe from the UK, France, mainland US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All tallied - we had visitors from 51 countries for the webcast! (I think I saw that Alex had the stream on the projector in his Astronomy class of 300 students. Thanks Alex!)

Special thanks to the data center guys (Mark and Mike) for keeping everything running.

And super special thanks to our EpicSessions camera operator (pictured here), and professional sailor Jake Miller. Not only does he look good on camera, he is amazing behind the eyepiece as well.

We're working on the next webcast which looks like Thursday as the trades return to the north shore and the swell will still be pumping.



Michael said...
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Michael Bigger said...

It was Awesome. Thanks.

Waterturtle said...

Nice job Dave and very innovative...I was able to tune in to some of it. There was some activity towards the end where the skis were circling in front of the rocks...I saw a board on the rocks...did a person end up on the rocks too? Who were some of the surfers that were out there?

Lano said...

Great work guys! Loved it!

David said...

Lets see - who was out there. The only two that we knew were Sebastian and Francisco B. A big set came through and put a few riders down and a board went on the rocks. There was some confusion as they dropped off the rider to get his board, and almost put the ski on the rocks in the process.