Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How high can you go?

It was a simple idea - how high can you go? Ok, that was too easy, so it turned into "How high can you go and land a backloop?" With all of the riders equipped with cameras from us at and Shadowboxes, and cameras on the beach, we'd record the contest like no other in windsurfing history and award the winners based on REAL height data from the Shadowboxes.

Mother nature was pleased with the concept as she delivered some of the most insane winds and waves to combine into an epic jumping ground for the event.

Levi went 52.7 feet with the winning backloop and Boujmaa boosted to 62.3 feet for the highest overall jump. SWEEET!

Expect to see more events like this soon from the best windsurfing spots in the world!

Special thanks to Casey and Jake for pulling this off while I was stuck in Wisconsin. You guys rock!


Catapulting Aaron said...

A: Not nearly as high as any of those guys!

Cheers on an awesome event... but why all the secrecy? Didn't want to deal with permits?

Brian S said...

Very cool event, thanks.
But nobody's "stuck" in Wisconsin.

Rasmus said...

Just a bit skeptical about jump heights being presented in tenths of a foot. Can the shadowbox really achieve that accuracy? To me it sounds like a pretty fantastic achievement. I would expect an inaccuracy of at least several feet.

David said...

It uses both GPS and accelerometers to get its level of detail.

I'm gonna post a DETAILED examination/review of the Shadowbox in the next few days.

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

Hey David,

See my report re the highest back loop event on

PS - don't mind if you add my blog to your list. Thanks!

David said...

@Ben - added you to the blogroll. Good to see you guys on this trip - next time I'll be seeing you in the Gorge, eh? ;-)