Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gorge Jump Off Results and video!

Alright, here's the video and results from the Gorge Jump Off. Thanks to all the competitors for their awesome job, especially Nick Allen who is sidelined with his ankle. Thanks to Casey and the crew from Shadowbox, Bill and the crew from Dakine, Waucoma Club and our very own video guru, Jake Miller who slaved for countless hours putting all the awesome video together.

Biggest Backloop- Bryan Metcalf-Perez 32.7ft
Biggest Forward- Whit Poor 16.4ft
Biggest Shove It- Bryan Metcalf Perez 19.6ft
Hardest Impact- Nick Allen 18.8 G's
Biggest Stock Air- Whit Poor 29.9ft
Biggest Shaka- Bryan Metcalf-Perez 10.4ft
Biggest Pushloop- Whit Poor 23.6ft
Biggest Double Forward- Nathan Mershon 16.6ft
Fastest Spin Rate- Whit Poor 587 deg/s

Biggest Invert- Temira Wagonfeld 16.6ft
Biggest Stock Air- Ingrid Larouche 14.2
I'd write more but we're all headed to the Hatch to sail. ;-)