Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frozen solid

From the satellite images, the entire bay of Green Bay looks to be frozen solid all the way north of the tip of Door County to Michigan. I'm not sure about areas north of my house, but the bay is amazingly flat and in some sections, suitable for ice boating. While the ice maps aren't showing the ice cover for some weird reason, you can see it clearly on the visible satellite image here.

We've got winds this week, and despite the cold temps putting the wind chills south of -20 and possibly to -40 on Thursday, a few of us are ice kiting and making the most of all this ice.

That said, if I was part of the crew headed to the Baja this weekend, I'd be cool with sitting inside and staying warm.

But I'm not, so outside I go! ;-)

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Andy said...

Get on it! Do you strap a GPS to your wrist while snow kiting?