Monday, August 17, 2009

Quit yer bitchin!

Earlier this summer I was sailing on the west side of Green Bay with a few friends of mine who were kiting. It was super flat and the wave angle really sucked for jumping, but it was warm and windy and I was happy to be sailing. As much as I was frustrated with the wave angles, I was still smiling, but kinda grumpy. I just couldn't shake my frustration with the lack of waves...

While I was in for a break, an old sailing friend Paul shows up at the beach. Mind you, this is a guy I've not sailed with in 25+ years. Really. He lives nearby (I'd not known that) and was stoked to see someone sailing as he usually sails alone.

"Should I get my gear and come sail with ya?" he asked.

"Hell yeah! That would be awesome!" I replied with enthusiasm.

He got a worried look on his face, "Uh ... my gear is kinda old."

"Who cares? It worked then, it will work now, right?"

"Ok!" he smiled. "I'll be right back!"

In 15 minutes, he showed up. I could NOT believe my eyes. He rolls in with his Windsurfer Rocket 103, circa 1985!!

Duuuude! I was in amazement. Minutes later, we were on the water, all smiles just as we were 25+ years ago. And just like back then, he was blazing on his '103 having a blast.

Next time you're bitchin' about your gear or the conditions, think about this story. Suck it up and get out there and smile!


Waterturtle said...

well said!

Catapulting Aaron said...

that's awesome!

PeconicPuffin said...

Hey I love bitchin about conditions (then again, I sail in absolutely everything.) But any gear is good gear if it works!

Fantastic set up. In particular that board.

Rudie said...

That's just AWESOME!!!!! I love to see old people on new gear, going fast, but seeing 'older'(sorry :P) people on old gear going fast or just ripping is so GREAT!

Cutre said...

great!!! that's why we used to call it FUN :)

Danny Beis said...

honestly, I was planing on that exact board, a rocket 103 one month ago. Mega coincidence to see it in your blog post!

Side note: Both me and that Rocket are 24 years old. Also it was the first high wind board I ever had/planed on!

David said...

I had a Rocket 99. Tons of fun. The "football" fins we would get for those were awesome but they'd snap after a bit of use. The rocket 88 was Da Bomb!

peterb said...

... how much for the board?