Friday, January 14, 2011

Live from Baja!

Today is day two of the Lord Of The Wind Kite/Wind event in Los Barrilles Mexico. Yesterday saw raging winds for the windsurfing freestyle, the kite big air and wind/kite slalom. The mens' kiting slalom was amazing with some super close finishes and carnage on the course. The livestreaming started at 10:30am and went until 5:30pm with full day one coverage. We're doing the best we can with the limited internet speeds at the beach - and some glitches happen and we appreciate your patience as we push out our signal from south of the border.

Today will be filled with kite and wind slalom and early reports from the kite big air event have the top jumps around 35 feet! We should begin streaming around 10am MST.

You can view the livestream here. Just click on the image and the stream will fire up. Join in on the chat and enjoy the action!

If you are here at the event, please stop by our tent. We're together with the crew from Shadowbox just to the north of the center stage.

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