Sunday, January 16, 2011

The wind Gods bless the Lord Of The Wind!

Yet again this morning there's a wind line on the horizon to the north as the El Norte winds begin to fill in for the sixth day in a row for the the last day of the Lord Of The Wind here in Los Barrilles. Yesterday saw Kevin Pritchard stomp the kiters in the winner take all Lord Of The Wind windsurfer v. kiter race taking home $3,500 for his effort. The Shadowbox crew finished the Kite Big Air heat with the highest jump 34.6 feet. Complete event results to come.

A big shout out to the event organizers Dan and Chris! This is their inaugural event and its been one of the best events that the crew has been involved in. Its not easy to pull off video streaming on the beach here in Mexico but with the dedicated crew working with us for our connection, power, and literally anything else that we needed, we made it work with minimal issues.

Super special thanks to Chucky VanWormer who not only put up the bulk of the prize money, but also housed the entire and Shadowbox crew at his resort. If you want an amazing experience in Baja, then stay at Chucky's resort. Its awesome.

Today will be full on kite/windsurf expression sessions provided we have the winds. Keep an eye on the facebook page and/or the livestream page.

We can't wait to come back to Los Barrilles next year!

(photo credits : Mariah Rose Photo)

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