Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amazing year

A year ago, March 31 2010, we pulled off the first ever "Jump Off" at Hookipa. The riders were stoked to give this new contest format a try even though there was no prize money on the line. They did it for the stoke and the love of the sport. Levi cranked off a 52.7 foot back loop and Boujmaa boosted to 62.3 feet on a stock air. Everyone had an awesome time and we took the show on the road to Pistol River and was amazed at the top 10 riders all being 15 INCHES in height to eachother for their jumps. (that's a heck of a statement for the consistency of the waves and wind at Pistol!)

We then cleaned the sand out of all our gear and headed to Hood River for the Team Gorge Jump Off where we gave six teams 10 days to scour the Gorge in search of the best conditions to capture video and rider data that would be judged on 10 metrics. The Gorge delivered and so did the teams.

Here and there we also did the first ever live webcasts from Hookipa, Jaws, Arlington and had an epic time in Baja at the Lord Of The Wind Showdown in Los Barrilles where we learned just how far you can run a DSL line to the beach and keep it working enough to get a decent livestream signal out to the rest of the civilized world. A little duct tape can go a long way in Baja!

Since then, we've been quiet. But we've not been idle - heck no! We've been quietly working on the next generation of Jump Off's, new livecasting and new contest broadcasting technology. While our hearts are in Windsurfing, our sights are set on changing the way not only boardsports are covered, but also how these dynamic sports are consumed by viewers worldwide. We're mindful of the sponsors, the viewers, and most importantly, the riders - both pro and am. We're tackling the issues around consumer level products and services that amplify not only ourselves as athletes, but also raise up the sports that we love so much.

I'm exited to have added Casey Hauser to the ever expanding EpicSessions.tv team and also stoked about our new relationships with our partners. 2011 is going to be another ground breaking year for us, and everyone here is soooo stoked about the plans that now we're able to begin to bring to light.

I hope that what were doing here at Epic positively impacts your life, lifestyle and your experiences in, on and high above the water that is our playground.

The future is in Motion!


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impatiently waiting for the next epic session!