Friday, April 15, 2011

Ride The Sky update

Its now April 15, and we have the second half of the month left for Maui's fabled trade winds and winter swell to come together to hold the Oxbow Ride The Sky event at Hookipa. Competitors have been busy testing their gear to go big, and we'd like to give a shout out to Boujmaa and wish him a speedy recovery from his accident earlier this week.

The crew has also been busy testing our groundbreaking realtime 3D motion tracking system - Jake and Casey have been up and down the north shore testing the system in all sorts of conditions so that when the event day happens, we'll be ready to beam realtime competitor jump heights around the world as it happens. Its pretty wicked to be 5,000 milwas away and watch the guys boosting air and when they splash down, seeing their jump height data pop into the realtime leader board moments after they land. Super cool stuff that we're stoked to share with the rest of the world with the Ride The Sky event!

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