Monday, June 27, 2011

Red Bull Rockets results!

Congratulations to Dario Ojeda (pictured here) for boosting a 36.28ft jump and taking home 3,500 Euros cash for highest air in RedBull Rockets!

Spectators flocked to the shores of Las Salinas de Pozo to watch as 16 windsurfers set out to defy the laws of gravity for biggest air, best trick, and hardest wipeout. Split into two groups and equipped motion tracking devices provided by, the riders hit the water for three different sessions throughout the day. On 5.0s and 5.4s the riders put on an incredible show, launching dry double forwards, tweaked pushloops, lofty backs, one-footed one-handed forwards, and more in 15-25mph of wind.

In the end, it was Ojeda who lined up the ramp, sheeted in and boosted an impressive 36.28ft jump to claim highest air of the day. Close on his heels was Ricardo Campello, Philip Koester and John Skye. Philip proved his incredible ability for aerial acrobatics by stomping a high, fast, clean double usually only seen in much stronger winds to take home Best Trick. No surprise was crazy aerial talent Ricardo Campello, going for broke, literally breaking his board, to take home best wipeout. (note - the riders in the last (black) heat were treated to the best wind and wave conditions and benefited as a result)

Props to all the riders who went out and put on one hell of a show, and the sponsors RedBull, Cutre Boardshop, Ayuntamiento Santa Lucia, Asociacion Espanola Funboard for supporting this new era of free-form competition for action sports!

The future is in Motion!

Top Jumps by Rider (height in feet)

Dario Ojeda - 36.28
Ricardo Campello - 35.74
Philip Koester - 34.44
John Skye - 33.10
Robby Swift - 27.23
Aleix Sanllehy - 25.73
Elezar Alonso - 25.27
Danny Bruch - 24.56
Marcillio Browne - 24.22
Jonas Ceballos - 23.21
Klaas Voget - 22.84
Yannick Anton - 22.63
Marcos Perez - 21.38
Kai Lenny - 20.87
Victor Fernandez - 20.35
Bryan Metcalf-Perez - 19.97

The full video and more photos for Red Bull Rockets will be released soon! Stay tuned!

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CdnGuy said...

Very cool! Congratulations on getting this off the ground, so to speak.