Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ready for LiftOff!?!

Pozo. Just the thought conjures up images of nuclear winds, out of control crashes, mind blowing jumps and arial antics.

The crew is totally stoked to be headed to the Canary Islands - Pozo to provide Red Bull with our 3D motion recording/broadcast system to track 16 of the best Spanish national and international riders as they compete for the highest jump, best trick and best wipeout.
Red Bull "Rockets" is a winner take all Jump Off style event being held from June 24-30 ; right at the new moon, to measure just how insane the world's best sailors can push the limits in the best that Pozo can dish up. We've all seen the videos, now its time to find out just how massive those boosts are!

More information to follow soon - you can keep track of this event at, on the website and the ES Facebook page for daily updates.

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