Monday, June 20, 2011

Red Bull Rockets Update!

Windsurfing's craziest jumpers and the crew are headed to Gran Canaria at the end of the week. They're gonna boost, we're going to measure how high. On the best day between June 24- 30, the rider with the highest stock air, best trick, and epic wipeout will win cash. Get ready for RedBull Rockets!

Often times the best conditions are in the most remote of locations. Developing innovative ways to make it easier for people to see and appreciate the raw talent of athletes, regardless of location, is what we’re about at EpicSessions. A few years back we were the first to live-stream action from Jaws, Hookipa and the Gorge. Now almost every major surf event in the world is live-streamed. Today we have the ability to track riders in 3D live. When a rider boosts during RedBull Rockets, their jump heights will be immediately broadcasted to the judges as a factor for best trick, to spectators at the beach, and to the web for anyone, anywhere to check in on the action.

The extended forecast for Pozo looks sick. The tech is tested and ready to go. The riders are ready, the format set, and 10,000 euros are up for grabs. Check the facebook page and website for updates as we get ready for the big event!

Philip Köster
Víctor Fernández
Kauli Seadi
Jonás Ceballos
Darío Ojeda
Kai Lenny
Eleazar Alonso
Marcilio Browne
Ricardo Campello
Yannick Anton
Danny Bruch
Klaas Voget
Robby Swift
Josep Pons
Marcos Pérez
Bryan Metcalf Pérez


16 Riders. 4 Sessions, split into 2 groups, 8 riders each

Each group gets 20 minutes on the water per session, with a 10-minute transition in between.
In order for a jump to count the rider must still be in control of their rig when they hit the water. A mid-air bailout will not count. However, if the rider lands soaked, but is able to keep the sail somewhat up and quickly sail away, the jump will count.

Highest Air will go to the rider who lands the biggest jump of the day, measured with realtime 3D motion tracking technology provided by EpicSessions. 3,500 euros

Best Trick will go to the rider whose tweak and style at maximum amplitude leaves the best impression with the panel of judges at the end of the day. 1st - 3,000 euros. 2nd - 2,000 euros and 3rd will take home 1,000 euros

Best Wipeout will go to the guy who eats it the hardest going big and tweaking it just beyond the point of control, as decided by the panel of judges. 500 euros

The final preps for the Red Bull Rockets contest are coming together and in 48 hours the team will jet over to Pozo where we'll commence the 7 day holding period for the contest. The location for the event is just around the corner from the beach that the PWA wave event is held at and this location was chosen to maximize the wave/wind angle to enable the competitors to get the highest jumps possible. Its a little off the beaten path from town, so infrastructure is being installed - scaffolding, stage, PA system, helicopter landing pad, etc.

Get ready for Liftoff with Red Bull Rockets and!

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