Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not what we expected

Seriously, we drove for hours. First it was a drive to Two Rivers, where Josh has been skunked a few times before. I'm not sayin' he's jinxed, but alas, we didn't care for the fact that the kiters were on 12m's, although the swell was head high. We just weren't jonesin on the lack of wind. I didn't like the setup and figured the wind wasn't going to happen there, so we bailed north to Baileys' Harbor on a call from a friend who was sailing a 4.5 up there. (and the wind never did come up, so we left swell for wind...)

So, we drove.... and drove. Stopped at a few hopeful spots along the way up to see if we could score earlier and save drive time. Nada. Nothing. Nyet. See, the wind angle was just enough to turn side off and have no wind on the inside and also push any lake swell to well offshore.

So we continued north...

Finally, we ended up at Baileys - and yes, I was cranked on a 5.2 - Josh on a 5.7 and we sailed all the four boards we brought. But what was super odd was that for the wind we were sailing in, the swell was epic. Epic as in epic small. Mind blowing small.

I mean, it was silly. I'm getting rocked on a 5.2 (was thinking about 4.7 but it was late in the day) and I was hunting for sets that were chest high. Chest high!?!? I'm still shaking my head on this one. Offshore the buoys were 8 foot, but I felt like we were playing in the kiddie pool.

Not cool. Well, ok, it was cool. It was windy. We were sailing. I was smiling. Swell or no swell, it was still good to sail after all those miles. ;-)

The next day I was on a 5.7 in my backyard with decent waves and a lot of fun. Kinda sucked for my friends who hit the water with their kites only to have the wind shut off.

Sure Josh got to sail the lake - but nothing like what it can really produce.... perhaps next time. Still, a good time was had by all.

Plus - in 10 days we'll be in Maui. So, we're cool with that.

(And yes - we didn't take ONE sailing picture. Doh!)

And I just noticed South 15-25 for Tuesday... I might get a sesh in before my evening flight to L.A. .... Hmmm.....

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Catapulting Aaron said...

ugh-- bummer the forecast didn't come through...

still always good to get wet... 5.3 ain't nothing to sniff at, in my opinion...

Usually when Josh is on a 9.0, I'll be riding a 3.2