Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2,000 miles

At first I thought I was missing something as I've been chatting with Josh on his way to Maui. He seemed to be doing more of a world tour of airports rather than traveling to Maui.

Now on his second day of travel from Orlando to Maui, I finally put it all together.

I know he saved some dough booking the flight this way, but really ... how much could it really have saved or is he just trying to slam some miles in to get elite status? (which I can appreciate!)

So, Orlando to Maui is about 4,680 miles. Josh's route took him 6,686 miles - roughly 2,000 miles more than the more direct route. Hmmm, 2,000 miles - roughly the distance from Green Bay to San Francisco.

Wow. Then again, I'm sure he's got some good stories from his travels... he always does. ;-)

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