Sunday, September 28, 2008

Using restraint

In my lifetime, I've been known to do (ahem) silly things in order to sail. Usually I hold back on these actions until conditions are epic (or close enough to count) and then I bring out the big guns and pull the trigger on whatever needs to happen to get on the water and get it. Its obsessive as I'm focussed on the prize and will do whatever it takes to claim it. (read : possible personality flaw)

Over the years, hmmmm, how many flights changed .... too many to count. Then there was that "lift ticket" purchase of a 3.7 one day to get out in epic Gorge conditions. Expedited shipping on all sorts of gear, late meeting changes to open up time windows to sail, there was that quick trip to Maui to score two days of 24-28 foot swell, and the list goes on and on...

This week is one of those situations. I'm not leaving for Maui until Thursday, but there's a decent swell starting Tuesday, which will be 6-7 foot on Wednesday. Thursday, (while I'm airborn) the swell will start to recede and Friday (my first chance to sail) the swell will be residual.

Did I mention I'm a swell hound?? ;-)

So, you see the obvious problem. I need to get to Maui earlier. Doh!

Using miles + cash, its easily done, but I'm not gonna do it.


For one of the first times EVER, I'm going to use restraint and not change up my plans in order to score a sesh.

And the weird thing? I'm not sure why.

What, am I getting old? Heck, I'm 40 now. Nope - that's not it. I still mentally act like a 20-something. Pressures of work? Perhaps. Family? Possibly.

Or is it that in the back of my mind, I have the feeling there's a better option that will present itself...??

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