Sunday, November 16, 2008

International stoke!

So, I'm sitting in an English pub minding my own business when a bunch with Swiss sit down around me and we strike up a good conversation.... Next thing you know, I'm chin to chin with a swiss guy who rips in the North Sea!

No matter where you go, you run into people who are not only like minded, but seemed to have been crafted from the same mold.

I've always wanted to sail Klitmoler, and now I'm gonna. After all, I've got a good friend who'll show me his home turf.

Pray for wind, my friend! ;-)


uglyjiber said...

Are you bailing on the UK to go sail Klitmoller? i wanna go.

I whacked my thigh and destroyed a sail in the shore pound today :(

David said...


George Markopoulos said...

i always amazed when things like that happen, and you realize that in a lot of waysm it really is a small world