Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boom mount

With all the GoPro wide videos, I thought I'd post this quick video of me at uppers last October to illustrate the view from the back of the boom at 170 degrees. I had the cam angled downward to give more rider perspective, and you'll note that after the gybe, I reach back and angle the cam more upright. If you've got one of these, make sure you use a philips head driver to tighten the adjustments to keep it from "slouching" in chop and after jumps.


carrera said...

Sooner or later, you will have to put a disclaimer in here stating that you don't own the GP company, and you don't own company stock....at least not yet!

Bill said...

yea, that is a great angle! Also, a nice one is to point the view back though the sail at the rider. I experimented with that view with the non-wide angle GP and it captured awesome perspectives of looping!

I am looking forward to getting some aerial looping shots with the new wide angle mounted both at the boom as well as at the mast tip. Should provide for a cool perspective while spinning in the air, especially with the new wide angle!