Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seasonal milestone and Maui bound

At sunset tonight, I observed a seasonal milestone as the sun has finally broken free of land and is now setting beyond the point. The cherry on top of tonight's sunset sundae was the high temp of 54 degrees that has all but eliminated our snow cover. Anything left should melt away tomorrow with continued mild temps and rain forecasted.

The rain tomorrow won't damper my day as I'll finish packing for my trip to Maui on Thursday morning. An evening arrival will see me jumping into one of GP's car's that is graciously being dropped off at the Kahului airport by a departing sailor as he heads to points elsewhere. As usual, I'll be staying at Spreckshouse (thanks Cindy and Troy!), but that won't be my first stop once I'm on the island. Nope, I'm gonna head straight to see Henry at Jacques and get some Ahi Poke. A nice little treat after 17 hours of flying and airports. ;-)

The forecast is for epic 30+ knot winds, awesome 13-15 foot east windswell and a light 3-5 foot NW swell on top of that.

Keep a very CLOSE eye on this blog for some special events and announcements that will be sure to keep you tuned in this weekend. (wink)



George Markopoulos said...

I'm jealous. Should be awesome! Enjoy

Outdrsmn said...

Have fun in Hawaii.

David said...

I plan on it - I'll be posting a lot of stuff on the trip, and have some surprises in store as well for you in the home viewing audience! ;-)