Saturday, February 14, 2009

Damn good day

Nothing like it. First, sailed uppers/lowers lit on a 5.0 and an 82 liter JP Real World Wave from the great crew at Neil Pryde Maui. (Kevin, you ROCK!)

Then I packed up, and headed to Hookipa to do what GP thinks is the first ever webcast from Hookipa (yesterday's test doesn't count). Seriously, it was a Goyafest with Lalo, Pascale, etc. out on their Guru and Wave3D sails tearing it up. I camped out in GP's Maui Cruiser because of the rain squalls, but in the end, did over 2 hours of webcasting from the bluff with a pretty satisfied audience - sans Josh, who must have upset the streaming video gods somewhere along his path and was unable to participate.

My only regret is spending too much time behind the camera and not enough time in the surf. Yeah, rough life, eh? ;-)

Anyho - here's a quick video from my booms from my morning sesh.



George Markopoulos said...

great video, thanks for putting that together.

The forward really comes across nicely with the wide angle.

wsurfn1426 said...

webcast has not been working for me. I have high speed internet connection and an intel mac running 10.5.6.

David said...

yeah, we've had a few mac folks having problems (Josh!) Weird, since its a quicktime stream - IE MADE FOR MAC!

What browser?