Friday, February 27, 2009

Economic Stimulus Sale!

I'm selling my entire quiver of KA Kult sails. Its a great quiver of powerful sails that's been used very little - some of the sails used hardly at all!

7.0, 6.4, 5.8, 5.3, 4.7

All are orange and black, all with original bags, etc. $200 each, or you can take the whole quiver - yes, all five sails for $900 and I'll pay for ground shipping anywhere in the U.S.!

Want to sweeten the deal? How about a matching RRD FreestyleWave 86 with straps and fin for $650??!

OMG - can it get better? Heck yeah! How about a Nolimitz 430 mast for $100 and V10 carbon boom for $150 in on the package?

Lets review -

Full quiver - $900. 86liter RRD - $650. Toss in the mast for an additional $100 and add a carbon boom for $150 (heck, it even has harness lines on it!) ... That's $1800 for a complete setup.

Buy the whole thing and I'll throw in a chinook mast base and universal for FREE and drop the package price to $1650. DUUUDDEEEE!

Hurry up before I change my mind!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

If the 7.0 is in fairly new condition, I will pay $200 shipped to San Diego. Please contact me at if interested.

Albert said...

What your is the RRD?

And what are the stats on the boom (year, measurements, etc)?

Albert said...

sorry, I meant, what YEAR is the RRD?

David said...

Albert - I emailed you directly and will post detailed photos, etc. tonight/tomorrow.

Anonymous - I have a few others sniffing around at the quiver - I'll ping them to see if they want the 7.0, else its yours! ;-)

Kyle said...

Nice quiv from a stand up guy! Sent you an email Dave.

scotti1313 said...

Did you have anything left for sale?