Friday, February 13, 2009

Hookipa/Maui Webcasting!

Ok - streaming tests from Hookipa were ironed out today. Tomorrow we're gonna do a morning surfing webcast, and then an afternoon windsurfing livecast. Each video webcast will be for about two hours. We'll probably sneak in a kite stream on Sunday, but we'll see.

Everyone can join in on the live chat during the webcast, and anyone can message the camera operator (me!) and ask me to follow a particular rider, or inquire as to who's out there, etc. (hell, ask me to zoom in on some bikini hottie on the beach - I'm game!)

You can watch the streams at www.EpicSessions.TV

This is all still very beta - and we're working on the stream quality on the fly, so have some patience.

SATURDAY WEBCAST : 2:30PM HST from Hookipa. Forecast is for 25-30 knot NE winds, 11 foot windswell and 3 foot NW swell.

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