Monday, October 6, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

A few have been curious how we survive the rigors of board testing on Maui day in and day out. It all comes down to nutrition! You gotta start out the day right, and breakfast is a feast on the major food groups as seen here from this morning's binge.

Extra credit points go to the person who can correctly identify who ate what.


carrera said...

I don't see any Kanaha chicken on the table, so does that mean there weren't any leftovers? ;)

Jess said...

obviously the redbull and reeses are yours but the mt dew and cheetos?? gonna guess...Josh???

David said...

Nope. The Redbull and Cheetos are mine, the Dew and Reeses are Callista's.

windsurfwahine said...

No Spam Masubi or BBQ pork Manapua for Breakfast!!!!