Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Maui board test : Day 4

Monday (yesterday as a write this) brought us yet another day of solid wind with small windswell at Uppers. I spent the first half of the day testing various board speeds with the GPS with interesting results. Ray and Josh both took the GPS afterwards and I think Ray is hooked on using one. Especially for next year's HIHO.

Winds were blasting and everyone was on fire. Jake had a killer GoPro sesh (pict above with him in mid push loop) and everyone was oogling over the footage last night and if this new wide angle GoPro was on the market, I think they could have sold 10 of them right there. I know Giampaolo is super stoked on getting his hands on a few. UPDATE! I just noticed that they have them for sale on the website! SWEEEEET!

We've really given the test boards a thorough run through and I think everyone is looking forward to less testing and more fun sailing together. On the gear destruction side, things have been quite mild except for Carl, our heavyweight tester who decided to swan dive through his sail. I didn't see it, but scuttlebutt is that his form was impeccable.

Injuries are again, typical with duct tape finding its way onto most of the sailors in the test. Many of the freshmen testers have plenty of reef wounds on their feet, but nobody is complaining. Just smiles all around.


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