Saturday, October 4, 2008

Maui board test : Day 1

What a day! We started with a morning SUP session at Secrets. The Naish guys came down with more boards and paddles and were super helpful for the folks who hadn't SUP'd before. Aside from the beautiful bruise on Heather's thigh, the only bad thing that happened was I re-opened the fin cut on my knee. I guess the scar tissue just wasn't quite ready yet. Still, there's no better way to get the day moving than with a morning sesh on the ocean.

Hit uppers around 11 and it was windy. Way windy. Way too windy for the 5.8 that I went out on. I immediately returned to the beach to throw on my 5.3. Headed back out - and promptly headed right back in to put the 4.7 up.

Yup, windy.

I'd whine about wavesailing on a overpowered 4.7, but you'd pimp slap me. I got to see how some of the larger boards in the test fleet handle under ripping conditions and I think everyone got a lot of good rides on the majority of the boards. A heck of a first day of testing for sure!

I've got plenty of video to go through - SUP'ing, beach action, Jake freestyling (his bail pictured above), Alex chasing chickens for cash and other general antics that I'll post shortly. Stay tuned!

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uglyjiber said...

I was on a 5.7 all day.