Monday, October 6, 2008

Maui board test : Day 3

Super busy day today, even after a late start due to some late night antics. (Sunday - yeah, I know I'm a day behind) I rigged a 5.8 and was gonna go out on the 99 for a bit since it was light and BAM! Someone flicked the switch and it was solid 5.0. So, I rigged the 5.3 and spent the day way lit and testing boards in their ability to handle the voodoo chop inside Kanaha is known for.

The windswell is crap, and any swell that was in the forecast has gone into stealth mode. Bummer.

We shot a lot of video and we're playing with the wide angle GoPro a little more as you can see here. The mounting system is pretty good and the field of view is way better than the standard GoPro's.

Erik came down and we did the on the water photo shoot. It was pretty crowded around Erik but I think he got some excellent shots. The on the beach shot was pretty good except I'm really feeling the idiocy of having Ray on my shoulders. (read : NEED MORE ADVIL FOR BEING STUPID)

More wind today (Monday) and the wind should back down for a few days and we're gonna switch into SUP mode on the south side, which I think that everyone is looking forward to.

Gotta run - the Sun is about to come up and I want to get some shots.


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Rambo said...

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