Friday, October 10, 2008

Maui board test : day 7

Today was photoshoot day. While I can't show you anything about the actual shoot (sorry, you'll have to wait until the March 2009 issue to see the shot ... but trust me, its killer) I can show you some misc. shots and screen grabs from the videos from today. We loaded it all up and headed out to the Red Rhino for the shoot, and nailed it early, so then the fun began. Thanks a TON to Captain Dave - this guy rocks. If you find yourself on Maui looking for an awesome place to dive from, The Rhino is THE place to be. And there's no better host than Dave.

Trust me - we had a TON of fun today. More fun that human beings should be allowed to have.

What happened to day 6? Gimme a break. Its coming soon. Trust me. ;-)

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