Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maui board test : Day 8

Amazing. After the previous post about our various wounds, I slip on an endo-forward and in my quick attempt to get my foot back in the strap, I land and cut my foot on the fin.

Then again, if I came off the water without bleeding, it would be a miracle!

Great day today. I was wound up on a Goya 3D wave 5.0 via Jake Miller and had a great time on it. (more about the Goya wave sails soon...)

Fair evening at Jaques tonight, ran into Cort Larnered and Ken Winner. Boy, how times have changed, and this coming from a 40 year old! LOL

More winds tomorrow and swell coming Sunday/Monday/Tuesday.

We're wrapping up the board tests and from here on out, its all about having fun (like we've not been doing enough of

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