Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maui Board test : Day 11

Good swell plus no wind equals afternoon SUP session. The first killer ride was Heather - I was further out and didn't see it, but I HEARD it. I think she was screaming in delight all the way. I got worked a few times - once with Chris and once with Josh with an overhead set that really threw us around.

Then I caught a nice wave - not the biggest, but a really nice high high wave that turned east as it edged the channel and really gave a nice ride.

The ride of the day goes to Josh. Check out his post on his blog. I think he's gonna smile about that drop for days.

I headed out Monday night on the 7pm flight back to the mainland with a quick stop in Kona where I think we picked up about 40 of the competitors for the Ironman competition.

Another amazing Maui trip in the can.


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